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Get Out the Vote

The BC Alliance needs you to get out the vote for arts and culture. You can do this by:

  • voting early in your district;

  • encouraging your friends, family members and co-workers to vote alongside you;

  • advocating for arts and culture online using the hashtags #ArtsVoteBC and #VoteArts2019 (you can use the images below on social media, or print them out to use as buttons);

  • attending an all-candidates meeting in your area (scroll down for our handy interactive guide map, or just click here). Stumped on what to ask? Click here for questions to pose to the candidates;

  • volunteering for a candidate you support as a way to build a bridge between candidates and the arts;

  • and, most importantly, make sure you know how to vote.


The Ask

Throughout 2019, we’ve worked with the Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) to advocate for arts and culture at a federal level. You can find the Canadian Arts Coalition’s Federal Election Platform 2019 here. Among other asks, the CAC’s platform encourages parties to:

  • Follow through on the planned increment of $35M to the Canada Arts Council's budget in 2020-21 and to maintain the Council's new base funding level of $362M in 2020-21 through 2024-25;

  • Support Indigenous languages, arts and cultural development, infrastructure and dissemination;

  • Grow the Strategic Initiatives component of the Canada Cultural Investment Fund by $2M/year; and

  • Increase the Young Canada Works (YCW) arts administration component to $500,000 annually

Additionally, the BC Alliance surveyed members of the arts, culture and heritage community in British Columbia to determine issues of particular importance to artists and cultural workers living in our province. Among the chief issues identified:

  • Fund research on the social impact of the arts in Canada;

  • Implement specific funding for artist action against climate change;

  • Make concrete improvements to the working conditions and social security of artists and arts workers; and

  • Implement professional arts funding for arts education.

The Platforms


Conservative Party of Canada

The Conservative Party has pledged to allow parents to claim up to $500 per child, each year, for expenses related to arts and learning activities; work in a consultative way with the arts, music, film, and other industries to understand how government can adapt to evolving technologies; remove admission fees from our national museums across the country; extend the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage Program for an additional three years; and prioritize the commemoration of “Nation Builders.”

You can find the Conservative Party’s arts and culture pledges here. You can find the party’s full platform here.


Green Party of Canada

The Green Party has pledged to increase funding to all of Canada’s arts and culture organizations including the Canada Council for the Arts, the National Film Board and Telefilm Canada; review tax incentives for film production; implement tax credits to preserve heritage buildings; reform anti-trust laws to enable the break-up of media conglomerates; invest an additional $300 million per year in CBC/Radio-Canada until the per-capita level of funding is equal to that of the BBC; reform the governance structure of CBC/Radio-Canada to remove the potential for political interference in board appointments; ensure that Netflix and other foreign internet broadcasters are subject to Canadian content regulations; and invest $400 million per year to give Canadians in remote areas access to reliable internet.

You can find the Green Party’s arts and culture pledges here. You can find the party’s full platform here.


Liberal Party of Canada

The Liberal Party has pledged to introduce a $200 Culture Pass for Canadian children to visit cultural venues such as theatres and museums; strengthen the regional mandate of CBC/Radio-Canada and require it to open up its digital platform; increase annual funding for Telefilm Canada by nearly 50 percent a year; increase access to national museums; introduce a new Cultural Diplomacy strategy with at least one international mission each year to promote Canadian culture and creators around the world; and introduce legislation to facilitate the creation and promotion of Canadian content.

You can find the Liberal Party’s arts and culture pledges here. You can find the party’s full platform here.

New Democratic Party (NDP)

The NDP has pledged to make sure that Netflix, Facebook, Google, and other digital media giant play by the same rules as Canadian broadcasters (paying taxes, supporting Canadian content in both official languages, and taking responsibility for what appears on their platforms); increase funding for CBC/Radio-Canada; provide long-term support to arts and cultural institutions and assist their transition to implementing digital technologies; provide financial support for Indigenous theatre at the National Arts Centre; and make life more affordable by putting in place income tax averaging for artists and cultural workers.

You can find the NDP’s arts and culture pledges here. You can find the party’s full platform here.


Find an All-Candidates Meeting

Use the Google map above to locate an All-Candidates Meeting near you. Click the coloured pins for details including time, location, registration and more. To see a full list of all meetings organized alphabetically by district, click the arrow icon in the top left corner of the map next to the words "2019 Federal Election."

Know of an All Candidates Meeting in your district that's not on our map? Email taylor@allianceforarts.com!