Beat Klossner

Electoral Riding

Kamloops-South Thompson

Party Affiliation

Communist Party of BC

Your Vision for Arts + Culture

Will you advocate for an increased investment to the BC Arts Council and to maintain or increase the current funding level for arts, culture and heritage in your community?

Yes. Arts is an essential part of life. Especially arts programs and funding for schools are important.


Will you take an active role on behalf of your community to lobby senior levels of government to increase levels of investment to the BC Arts Council?

Yes. Absolutly.Growing up in Europe I'm well aware on the important rule Art plays in the public space. A building i.e should not just be practical but also pleasant and Art is one of the way to achieve this.


If you are in favour of increased investment in arts, culture, and heritage for our province and committed to lobbying senior levels of government for increases to the BC Arts Council, would you require additional advocacy support from the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture? If so, how can we help?

First off as the Communist Party Candidate we are a "fringe" Party and not taken very serious. I like to change that. Even though we will probably not win a seat this time around if we have a good showing the mainstream Parties will pay close attention to the issues we raised. 
We are the only progressive left Party and I would like to build the Communist Party of BC into the political arm of all progressive and creative movements in BC

Cultural Growth

In your view, how can our provincial government maintain or grow the cultural sector across British Columbia?

We will raise the Corporate taxes to 2001 Levels which will create $2.5 B revenue for the Province. We will make the tax system more progressive so that the wealthy will pay their fair share. 

Instead for Corporate well fare this funds will be used for the common good (Education,Transportation Housing,Arts etc.)

Cultural + Creative Spaces

Will you work to ensure access to affordable, sustainable cultural and creative spaces for artists and arts organizations in British Columbia? If so, how?

Art needs publicly funded spaces. We like to take real estate out of Speculators hands and use it for the benefit of the public. Also there are a lot of spaces that are not shared.I.E a school is empty on the weekend and summer breaks and why not make use of these spaces?

Cultural Tourism

How will you improve cultural tourism in your community? How do you propose to attract and retain artists and cultural workers in your community?

Public investment in in Arts etc. No reason a bus stop shelter i.e has to be a drab, boring affair. These could be spaces for great creativity. There are many other opportunities like that in a city or town. Things that have to be practical, like a bus stops, don't need to be boring . This will also greatly improve the livability of a street and neighborhood.

Key Issues

What do you feel to be the single most important issue currently relating to arts, culture and heritage in British Columbia, and what action will you take to address it?

The current Governments are just an enabler and middle man for Corporations and the Wealthy. It has been downsizing and contracting out public services for decades.Arts , Sports, and anything creative are the first things to go. We have to take government back into public hands and instill a sense of common good and collective again. 

We have to put a stop to the trend of Money and Profit and Corporate Interests replacing all other values of society.


How do you personally engage in the creative and cultural life of your community, and more broadly, the province? (e.g. committees, attending arts and culture events, etc.)

I love a good concert and am especially fond of theater. I love it when I go to a cultural event that has me thinking about it for days afterwards. Running for MLA is my engagement. I was always interested in politics and have been frustrated by decades of right wing and Corporate influences in our public spheres. So I decided to get of the couch and do something about it and run for MLA.

Additional Feedback

If you would like to provide voters with additional information about your stance on arts, culture and heritage issues in British Columbia, please use the space below. Hint: sharing personal stories or experience about how art, culture and heritage have impacted your life are often the best way to effectively connect with your readers!

I grew up in a small town in Switzerland. In my house Arts was always considered to be useless and suspicious. Even as a small kid I always had the feeling that there had to be more to it then I was told. When I was 15 one of my teachers took the class out to a small theater in the next bigger city and we got to see a performance "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck. Everything changed after that. A door opened to a new world and I have never looked back. Possibly one of the most defining events of my life. 

In this Election Campaign, as usual, it is all about advertising. My goal is to campaign on issues instead. I like to raise the standards of the campaign by forcing the other candidates to actually address the issues and the root causes.