Greg Powell

Electoral Riding

Richmond South Centre

Party Affiliation

BC Green Party

Your Vision for Arts + Culture

Will you advocate for an increased investment to the BC Arts Council and to maintain or increase the current funding level for arts, culture and heritage in your community?

Yes. The arts are a vital part of the quality of life that British Columbians enjoy. We need to ensure that artists of all kinds can afford good quality of life. This means restoring funding, and it means an overhaul of the supports that allow artists to flourish.


Will you take an active role on behalf of your community to lobby senior levels of government to increase levels of investment to the BC Arts Council?

Yes. I would encourage a re-think of grouping community, sport, culture (including the arts) and TransLink. The arts deserve an advocate at the table.


If you are in favour of increased investment in arts, culture, and heritage for our province and committed to lobbying senior levels of government for increases to the BC Arts Council, would you require additional advocacy support from the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture? If so, how can we help?

I would need to better understand the most effective way to encourage better access to the arts. People living on low incomes (or even middle incomes) have difficulty accessing the arts, and artists themselves seldom earn a livable wage, so I would want the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture to help me think through how to make the arts accessible to all and to showcase the best that BC has to offer.

Cultural Growth

In your view, how can our provincial government maintain or grow the cultural sector across British Columbia?

A big part of this in BC is about reconciliation and forging a healthy relationship between the provincial government and Indigenous peoples. The BC Greens have included this in our platform. A holistic approach is required. K-12 schools need better resources to revive arts education, tackling poverty at the roots could see the arts flourish.

Cultural + Creative Spaces

Will you work to ensure access to affordable, sustainable cultural and creative spaces for artists and arts organizations in British Columbia? If so, how?

Yes, absolutely. A basic income would be a great start, relieving artists of some financial burden at the start of their careers (the BC Greens would pilot this).

Cultural Tourism

How will you improve cultural tourism in your community? How do you propose to attract and retain artists and cultural workers in your community?

Richmond South Centre has a high number of schools, which could be used outside of school hours as centres for the arts. I would encourage this wholeheartedly.

Key Issues

What do you feel to be the single most important issue currently relating to arts, culture and heritage in British Columbia, and what action will you take to address it?

Housing and transportation affect everyone, especially people living on low income or with precarious employment. The BC Greens have a comprehensive housing strategy and a comprehensive transportation strategy that complement each other well. Solid policies in these areas would make a tremendous difference for arts, culture, and heritage by increasing access to these and by allowing artists greater flexibility in their pursuits.


How do you personally engage in the creative and cultural life of your community, and more broadly, the province? (e.g. committees, attending arts and culture events, etc.)

I attend arts events when I can. This is very difficult as a parent of 2 children under 3 years old, but I hope to foster their appreciate of arts and culture as they grow.