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Do you know how much your local government invests in the arts? Would you commit to advocating for an increase in that cultural investment for arts, culture, and heritage in your community, within the capacity of your elected body?

The District of Sooke is a sponsor of the Sooke Fine Arts Show. Yes.


If elected, will you take an active role on behalf of your local government in championing the growth of arts, culture and heritage in your community? Why?

Yes. Art expresses the meaning of life - the true essence of being. We can go within ourselves - we cannot do without others.


Students with an education rich in the arts have better grade point averages and are three times more likely to get a degree. Will you commit to making the arts a critical component of every child’s education? If so, how?

Yes. When youthful minds are exposed on a daily basis to the natural rhythms of nature that are embedded around them, they will become more appreciative of the mystery and sanctity of our world of wonders. Opening up their minds at this wonderment, unleashes in them the belief in a world of possibilities. Our society will certainly be enriched in the future by the visions inculcated in them at such an early age.

Cultural Growth

How will your local government maintain or grow its investment in cultural programs in your community?

We should have more classes held outdoors if it enhances the subject matter.

Cultural Spaces

Will you work to ensure access to affordable, sustainable cultural spaces for artists and arts organizations? If so, how?

Yes. Let's have a youth Sooke Fine Arts Show alongside the adult one. Our Sooke Fall Fair showcases a lot of youth artwork and literary compositions. The Sooke Fine Arts Show would be another opportunity for them to look forward to; and this exposure could inspire them to emulate older artists and to foster their visionary growth into mature artists.

Cultural Tourism

How do you propose to improve cultural tourism in your community?

I would like to see more local arts and craft fairs; more art galleries opening and more music festivals. A vibrant arts community on display year round might entice day trippers from Victoria to visit Sooke.

How do you propose to attract or retain artists and cultural workers in your community?

We have a Country Market that can be expanded to showcase a wider variety of crafts and expositions. It could become a mecca of artisans that draws admirers and patrons from all over who will also be exposed to Sooke's natural beauty.

Key Issues

What do you feel is the single most important issue relating to arts, culture, and heritage in your community, and what action will you take to address it?

Our youth. They are the future. Foster in them the cultural values of art. Instil in them the imaginative idea - a world of possibilities. Support youth arts and music.


How do you personally engage in the cultural life of the community? (e.g. involvement on committees, attending arts and culture events, etc.)

I foster in young minds the unseen...the unknown...until they begin seeking it on there own. I expose them to artworks and musical compositions and determine where there interests and abilities lie. I than nurture their yearning to learn more.

Additional Information

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