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Do you know how much your local government invests in the arts? Would you commit to advocating for an increase in that cultural investment for arts, culture, and heritage in your community, within the capacity of your elected body?

Honestly no I do not. I do know it is collected from gaming then given as grants.


If elected, will you take an active role on behalf of your local government in championing the growth of arts, culture and heritage in your community? Why?

A society that does not invest in arts and culture is not a society. I would hope that thoughts before me made grants available and fair. I therefor would see no reason to not see this continue barring a complete collapse in the funding model.


Students with an education rich in the arts have better grade point averages and are three times more likely to get a degree. Will you commit to making the arts a critical component of every child’s education? If so, how?

I am running for Council that would be under the purview of the School board.

Cultural Growth

How will your local government maintain or grow its investment in cultural programs in your community?

I would assume maintain the funding model that is in place.

Cultural Spaces

Will you work to ensure access to affordable, sustainable cultural spaces for artists and arts organizations? If so, how?

Firstly I would have to know what if anything is being done now. Having artistic cousins that rely on housing subsidies If something like that is not happening in Richmond it should be.

Cultural Tourism

How do you propose to improve cultural tourism in your community?

Listen to proposals that make common sense.

How do you propose to attract or retain artists and cultural workers in your community?

Continue to work with artistic individuals if not already done and would with other levels of Government to find ways to preserve culture including finding ways to being back other wise lost cultures.

Key Issues

What do you feel is the single most important issue relating to arts, culture, and heritage in your community, and what action will you take to address it?

We need to have a revival of our first national culture all over Richmond in consultation with various coast Salish nations.


How do you personally engage in the cultural life of the community? (e.g. involvement on committees, attending arts and culture events, etc.)

Exactly as you put it hands on and attending cultural events.

Additional Information

If you'd like to provide voters with additional information about your stance on arts, culture, and heritage issues in your community, please use the space below.

In Richmond we are blessed with the Gateway theater, I feel it is time to find a new home for bigger attendance and more functionality in a Public-Private-Partnership.