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Politicians work for you. They want to hear from you. So let your candidates know that arts, culture and heritage matter!


Send a letter

The BC Alliance has drafted the following letter emphasizing the importance of arts, culture and heritage, which can be sent to all the candidates running in your jurisdiction. Simply add your name to the letter, and send as is—or, to make it have more impact, customize it by inserting your own reasons why you and your community benefit from arts, culture and heritage.

After all candidates across BC have registered their nomination on September 15, the letter below will be converted into a format that can be sent automatically to all candidates in your region. To see all candidates running for election in your region, along with their contact information, visit CivicInfoBC.

Dear (your candidate’s name goes here),

As a constituent voting in your jurisdiction, I am writing to express the importance of arts, culture and heritage as an economic engine and a source of community wellbeing, and to ask you to make this a definitive part of your electoral platform.

Arts and culture are an integral part of our lives – from the festivals, live performances and exhibitions that foster our sense of belonging and community pride, to the everyday creativity that we engage in virtually non-stop, via the internet, television, radio, fashion, food, and design of all kinds.

Mounting research indicates that a robust investment in the arts contributes significantly to the economy, to education, to healthcare, to social services and so much more. Creativity helps us to understand ourselves and the world around us, and is essential to an innovative, prosperous and inclusive community.

I believe it is the responsibility of government to ensure that the arts are sufficiently funded, and furthermore, to understand and promote the true value of arts, culture and heritage in our lives.

I’m asking you to commit to making arts and culture a top priority in your campaign, and if elected, in your government. It's time to decolonize the systems that have ignored our creative potential and move towards the future with hope.

(Your name)

Once you’ve sent this letter to your candidates, send the link to your friends and family, and post it to social media. The future of arts and culture in BC depends on what we do over the days to come. So act now!


Here are more ways you can take action: