Get Involved! 

Strategies for the 2017 Provincial Election


What Can You Do?

  1. Download our Voters' Toolkit to help guide your election advocacy efforts, and share it with others.
  2. Engage your candidates. Meet with MLAs and candidates from all parties in your region of the province—either privately or as part of a team of advocates. Be sure to include board members and sponsors. Check out our ArtsVote Action web app for ways to connect with your candidates, including a letter writing campaign!
  3. Share your stories and support for BC’s cultural sector by joining the conversation on social media (see below)! Participate in our #ArtsVoteBC campaign to get people talking about why provincial support for arts, culture, and heritage matters to you and your community. Upload a short video from your smartphone and help take this campaign viral! Engage with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by following us at @ArtsVoteBC and include the hashtag #ArtsVoteBC when sharing your stories.
  4. Attend or organize a town hall or all candidates meeting in your riding. If you're voting in Vancouver: on May 1, there will be an all candidates meeting at SFU Woodward's Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. Check out our ArtsVote Action web app for an ever-expanding list of all candidates meetings around the province!
  5. Invite all parties to weigh in on their strategies for investing in the cultural sector. 
  6. Be informed. Access information and resources to help you make the case for our cultural sector and be informed when you go to the polls on May 9. Each election period, the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture uses its ArtsVote BC campaign to help to get out the vote, to make the case for arts, culture, and heritage in the election, and to convey important messages about candidates’ arts and culture platforms. We survey candidates from all ridings across the province on their views and platforms related to arts, culture, and heritage, and share their responses. 
  7. Urge other organizations to consider arts advocacy speeches on opening nights or other public events where people gather.
  8. Talk to your local newspaper about how they can help spread the word about the value of culture in their community.
  9. Ask your local arts council or arts service organizations to disseminate advocacy information to their members.
  10. Register to vote! Visit to get all the details and to be prepared at the polling station. 

Talking Points for Social Media

Personal stories are the best! When sharing your written or video messages on social media, consider the following talking points:

“The arts are important to me because…”

  1. they help me express who I am and what I believe in;
  2. they provide different perspectives on life and important issues;
  3. they build bridges between diverse communities;
  4. they enhance learning – cognitive abilities, confidence, communication skills, problem solving, motivation;
  5. they build better communities to live in;
  6. they enhance a sense of belonging and wellbeing;
  7. they improve mental health;
  8. they question the status quo and encourage creative thinking;
  9. they are an important tool for reconciliation in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities


Talk about anything that speaks to your own experience of cultural value.

“The arts are an investment in all human beings, not just artists, because...”

“The arts changed/saved my life when…”

Post your comments and video clips to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; be sure to tag us at @ArtsVoteBC and use the hashtag #artsvoteBC

Connect with the Alliance

You can also engage with the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture year-round on our website at, on Twitter at @AllianceArts, Facebook at @AllianceforArtsandCulture, and Instagram at @AllianceForArts

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