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Voters can be the best advocates for arts and culture. Here’s how.

  • Meet with candidates from your jurisdiction — either privately or at one of the many all candidates meetings happening across the province. Check out our ever-growing map of All Candidates Meetings, as well as information about our upcoming Vancouver All Candidates Meeting for Arts and Culture, here

  • Send all your candidates a letter stressing the importance of arts and culture in your community. You can send our pre-written letter by simply pressing a button. However, the letter will have more impact if you personalize it by sharing your own stories about the power of arts and culture on your life.

  • Become an arts advocacy expert. Click here to discover Best Practices for Arts Advocacy!

  • Share your support for arts, culture and creativity on social media. To emphasize the importance of arts and culture in the lead-up to the 2018 municipal election, we’ve launched our #votewithyourheART social media campaign. By circulating great quotes from great minds, we hope to draw attention to the critical role creativity plays in a robust and healthy society. Find out more here!

  • Be informed. Check out our page on Why The Arts Matter for concise, crucial talking points to make your case like a pro. Read our Candidates’ Survey responses to gauge the positions of candidates running for election in your jurisdiction. Or dig into the BC Alliance’s Resources section for all kinds of information on the impact of arts on all facets of life. Here are just a few reports you’ll find there.

Reports and Resources

Image: Culture Tracks Canada.

Image: Culture Tracks Canada.

Culture Track Canada
Produced by Business for the Arts, this study tracks the attitudes and behaviours of Canadian cultural consumers.

Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators
Developed by Statistics Canada to measure the economic importance of culture, the arts, heritage, and sport to the Canadian economy, the report shows that the culture GDP of most provinces and territories grew from 2010 to 2016, though this ranged widely from a low of 6.1 % (Quebec) to a high of 25.4 % (British Columbia). By contrast, the overall Canadian GDP grew by 21.9 % during the same period.

Image: Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators.

Image: Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators.

Vital Signs: Arts & Belonging 
An exploration of the benefits of the arts as a catalyst for belonging for audiences, artists and communities in Canada.

BC Arts Council Quick Facts Sheet 
Important and up-to-date facts and figures about the BC Arts Council.

BC Arts Council Strategic Plan 2014-2018
This plan guides the Council’s development of policy and program priorities. It shows ways the Council strives to support the creative and innovative capacity of the cultural community.